Beautiful, historical and Spiritual.

Many say that San Francisco Xavier Mission is a very special and spiritual place to visit.  Visitors comment on this place, a place of God, is their place to connect spiritually with the Lord like no other.  Come visit this beautiful historical mission and feel the presence.  The Mission is a historical south Phoenix icon located near south mountain.

Baptism and Marriage

Our church offers baptismal and marriage ceremonies.  Please contact Antonio at 602-481-2036 for more information or fill out contact page on Marriage and Baptismal page.

Apply the Good News to your daily life.

Hours of Operation

Saturday and Sunday

0800 to 1700


Our Mission is open for visitation and worship and by appointment for special requests.

Community Service

We are open to any community based events.  Please complete contact us page and we will call and discuss any requests.

mission of faith