San Francisco Xavier Mission


Unfortunately, we are not able to have a fiesta this year due to the mission being under construction and not having a electric power.  We are working with the City of Phoenix on this and we would ask our visitors to please donate to help fix and install electric to the church.

Welcome to the San Francisco Xavier Mission Page. San Xavier Mission has been a south phoenix icon for since the 1940's. We have been serving the south phoenix area and multiple families for quite some time. The history of the mission surrounds the foresight of Francisco Vasquez and the Vasquez family, and dates back several decades.  The foundation of the mission is catholic based but all are welcome to visit and worship.   The vasquez family also continues to have strong business relationship in south phoenix and surrounding communities.  The Vasquez family and descendents continue to carry on the tradition of the mission and today the grandchildren of Francisco Vasquez are on sight making the mission as enjoyable to visit as when the mission first opened.  Of course, time has changed the physical appearance of the mission but when you walk on the mission grounds you can feel and appreciate the history.


We invite you to come to Historical San Francisco Xavier Mission and worship.  We appreciate all the many generations of visitors who believe and come to the mission.  We are here for you now as my grandfather, uncles and my mother have always intended.  This was Francisco's vision when he opened the mission in 1940. 


The mission was consecrated in January 2014 by Bishop Robert Ortega.  Although it is holy ground, at this time we do not offer any organized sacraments.  We have attempted organized sacraments with other church affiliations with no success.  If you wish to have a sacrament in our historical mission please call and we can possibly accommodate you if you have your own clergy.

Baptismal and Marriage update

Many visitors have been asking for baptism at the mission. Although we do not have a resident clergy we have always offered the mission for use with baptism and marriages. A family introduced us to a Reverend recently named Reverend They asked to baptize 6 of their children using Reverend Charles. Last weekend the baptism were done beautifully. In speaking with Reverend Charles, he agreed to conduct baptisms and marriages at the Mission. Reverend Charles is an ordained Clergy with a Catholic background. So if you are interested contact the mission at 602-481-2036 if you are interested. Below is the family participants... Thanks, Antonio


Hours of Operation
Saturday and Sunday
8am - 5pm


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